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Hi there, my name is Matt April and I am the voice and personality behind Bent On Better.  I’m a certified personal trainer with a strong passion to educate and inspire others to be better in fitness and health.  My goal is to be your number one resource for fitness and healthy living, as well as the tools to succeed in your weight loss, fitness, or healthy lifestyle goals.  I am happily married to my best friend and she’s pretty amazing. She has her own awesome things going on that you should see for yourself. We also have a new addition to our family and we love him more than the world itself!

For the longest time I thought I was above average in my health.

I worked out, I did cardio, I ate healthy, heck, I even avoided alcohol!

(because I knew how unhealthy it was for me).

I would tell myself things like:

“Muscle weighs more than fat.”
“I do cardio, so I’m in shape.”
“I eat healthy foods, so I’m healthy.”
“I use weights at the gym, so it’s all muscle.”

Boy, was I uneducated and in need of a serious reality check. 

My entire life I was an athlete. I worked out like an athlete (sometimes more than once a day), trained like an athlete (intensely for long periods of time), and ate like an athlete (consuming more than the “average” person my age).

It wasn’t until years after athletics, not training like an athlete, that I realized my eating habits hadn’t changed, but my training and body surely had.  Not only that, but I was certainly a different kind of active during the day. I was no longer a college student walking to and from class, dining halls, and to my friends’ apartments.

 In the summer after college, I came across pictures of myself from the previous summer and realized that I was FLEXING and sucking it in for these pictures.

After seeing those photos, I took a long look in the mirror and realized that something needed to change.

I wasn’t happy with the extra “fluff” I had on my body in the picture, and I surely didn’t want to keep it only to have it get worse in the summers to come.  Not only that, but I accepted the fact that I always felt tired, thinking that was just the norm for me.  Something had to change…

There was my reality check.
My life had changed, but my habits had not.

My post-college adult life had me driving to and from a desk job, sitting in a chair for almost 8 hours a day. My walks were as far as to the bathroom, the copier, and the lunch room refrigerator. Thank goodness I usually had a healthy lunch in there, because although I was working out regularly, my daily life had changed substantially. So with those changes, it was time for me to change as well.

That very summer, I decided to educate myself more on healthy foods, clean eating, and fitness for life instead of fitness for an athlete.  Searching the internet for helpful information on eating healthy and general fitness was overwhelming.

It seemed like everywhere I looked, someone was promoting a special shake, magic pill, or wonder wrap.

I read that I should do high cardio instead of lift weights because cardio would burn more calories.

I also read that I should only lift weights because more muscle meant that I would burn more calories at rest.

Friends of mine told me to use pre-workout and post-workout supplements because it would get me “shredded.”




One moment I would read something online and nod to myself and think, “ok, I’ll do that!” Then days later, I would come across a video on Facebook about the complete opposite of what I was doing, so I would switch to the new thing. I was consistently inconsistent and unsure of myself.

It wasn’t until I decided to spend some time on personal development and shift my mindset that I finally realized the problem wasn’t everything around me, but rather the way I was viewing everything around me. I needed to dig deep and figure out exactly why I wanted to change myself for the better.

I realized that not only did I want to look good, but I also wanted to feel good, physically and mentally.

My goal was overall wellness.

I need to be healthy for my wife and for my future son.

For my life.

That’s why you’re here now.

You want to be better in some way,

whether it’s physically, mentally,

or perhaps both.  

Now is your time.  

Let’s change your life, together.  

Welcome to a Better place.