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Bent On Better training team April 2021


Matt April

Matt April Bent On Better
Co-Owner, Personal Trainer

Matt founded Bent On Better in January 2015 after realizing there were not enough fitness professionals who truly cared about their clients’ success and their journey to a stronger, happier, and healthier life.  Matt made it his mission to make fitness fun, to make strength beautiful, and shift the mindset from “weight loss” to “healthy weight management.”  When Matt is not working with the team or coaching the B.O.B. members, he’s a full time work-at-home dad with his 2 little boys Joey and Jonny.

Professional Facts About Matt:
- B.S. from Millersville University
- N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer
- Started in 2010 coaching athletes ages 7 - 18
- Functional Movement Screen Specialist  

Some Extra Tidbits:

- Won 1st place in POWERLIFTING in 2016
- Lover of sushi & coffee
- Listens to an eclectic mix of music ranging from classical to 80s & 90s rock & pop, to boom-bap, and even heavy metal (HEAVY)
- Loves Wedding Crashers, Cool Runnings, All Marvel Universe Movies
- Completed two half marathons (13.1 miles each) in 2021


Lynn April fresh april flours personal trainer west chester pa
Co-Owner, Director of Pre/Postnatal Fitness, Personal Trainer

Lynn, by trade, is a biologist. She spent 2008-2019 working in an immunology lab, but left that career to turn her side hustle (Fresh April Flours) into a full time job. As an athlete from a young age, Lynn has always carried an interest in fitness and health, and utilized strength training and spinning through both of her pregnancies. It only made sense to turn her experience into a focused specialty at Bent On Better. Lynn is a certified personal trainer and a certified pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach. With her pre/postnatal fitness program, Lynn hopes to help moms who want to maintain their athleticism through an adaptive and transformative approach while pregnant and help them get back into their athleticism safely postpartum.

Professional Facts About Lynn:

- Bachelor’s degree in biology
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer
- Pregnancy & Postpartum Athleticism Certified Coach

Some Extra Tidbits:

- Lover of coffee, cheese, sprinkles
- Favorite exercise: hinges
- Favorite creation: Joey and Jonny



Alysha_Bent On Better west chester PA area personal training
Personal Trainer, Director of Athletic Development

All About Alysha

Alysha joined the Bent On Better team in the Spring of 2018.  Prior to joining our team, she spent 5 years overseas playing professional women’s basketball throughout Germany, Bulgaria, Bahrain, and Dubai. Before that span of time, she was a 4 year student athlete at Monmouth University in central New Jersey.
Alysha's love for sports, along with her experiences coaching and working with young, collegiate, and professional athletes brings with it so much knowledge, skill, and unparalleled energy!

Professional Facts About Alysha:
- B.S. from Monmouth University
- N.A.S.M. Certified Personal Trainer
- Credited Performance Enhancement Specialization
- Functional Movement Screen Specialist

Some Extra Tidbits:
- Favorite color : Orange
- Favorite show (of all time): Hey Arnold!
- Knows how to speak German
- Been to 14 countries


Nick_Bent On Better west chester PA area personal trainer best
Adult Fitness Program Director, Mobility & Movement Specialist

All About Nick

Nick began working at Bent On Better as a fitness and mobility coach in September 2018. He combined his passions for movement science, strength training, and education with his medical expertise as an athletic trainer and made it his mission to teach people how to live, move, and exercise pain-free. He currently lives in Chester County with his wife, two dogs (Butterfly and Brandy), and two cats (Jersey and Morris).

Professional Facts About Nick:
- Licensed Athletic Trainer since 2016
- Master’s degree in Kinesiology with a Concentration in Athletic Training from Temple University (2018)
- Undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from West Chester University (2016)

Some Extra Tidbits:

- Plant-based diet
- Lover of craft beers and coffee beans
- Enjoys listening to rock, metal, and jazz
- Most frequently reread book: Meditations (Marcus Aurelius)


Molly_Bent On Better west chester PA area personal training
Personal Trainer & Athletic Program Coach

All About Molly

Prior to joining the team in Winter of 2021, she was a student athlete at DeSales University where she led her team to the NCAA tournament, for a third time, as the only captain and senior in 2020. Molly grew up loving sports (basketball, soccer, softball, and track and field) which lead to her passion for fitness and nutrition. While at DeSales she had the opportunity to work with Lehigh University and DeSales University’s Strength and Conditioning Programs.  She currently lives in the Exton area with her sister and their dogs (Checkers and June-Bug).

Professional Facts About Molly:
-B.S. from DeSales University in Sport & Exercise Physiology
-Working towards obtaining her C.S.C.S. certification
- Functional Movement Screen Specialist

Some Extra Tidbits:

- Favorite Color: Orange
- Favorite Music: Country
-Enjoys hunting, fishing, camping (anything outdoors), and spending time with her family
- Has a passion for cooking and baking

About The Aprils

best personal trainer in west chester - matt april and lynn april

Hi - My name is Matt!
I’m the owner & founder of Bent On Better in West Chester, PA where we specialize in PRE-hab fitness and health + nutrition coaching.

We are a family owned and operated local gym, Bent On Better was originally created by me (Matt) in December 2014 (launched in January 2015) as an online resource for health, fitness, and overall wellness.  After college, I was stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy, which overtime led to poor mental and physical health for me (and even those around me).  I was working part-time as a trainer (and a MANny, yes, you read that correctly, a man-nanny...ask me about it, some of the best memories of my adult life to be honest, the family was amazing!).

After realizing there were not enough fitness professionals who truly cared about their clients’ success and their journey to a stronger, happier, and healthier life, I made it my own  mission to make fitness fun, to make strength beautiful, and shift the mindset from “weight loss” to “healthy weight management.”

With the support and encouragement from my life partner, spouse, and now business partner and co-trainer Lynn April (writer behind Fresh April Flours), Bent On Better is now (one of) our full time job(s), (when we’re not working with the B.O.B. team, or training, we’re full time work-at-home parents to our 2 little boys, Joey and Jonny).

When I say family owned and operated, it’s not just me and Lynn, but also my brother Nick April who is here full time.  We can’t forget our sister from another mister, Alysha Womack, who is the glue to this bundle of awesomeness. And now we have the super terrific and caring coach Molly Jansco as part of the fam and we couldn't be happier to have her!

Collectively, we exist as an answer to anyone who has ever tried a boot camp boutique, big box fitness centers, clubs that are open 24 hours a day, free access classes with a bajillion people in them, anytime fitness workout DVDs, fad-diets (or a combination of the aforementioned things!), and did not have success (or just flat out did not enjoy the experience).  We are essentially just a small group of personal trainers who want to make personal training fun, PERSONAL, and for real people who can see real results accomplished with their fitness goals (and maybe some free weights).

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