Our Mission:

To make strength beautiful, fitness pain-free, and healthy weight management simple and sustainable for busy adults. 

We make fitness fun, while helping busy adults get stronger, happier, healthier and lose weight with as little as two simple small group personal training sessions a week.

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The Best Workouts For Beginners

We make it easy for you.

Whether you are new to fitness or getting back to working out after some time off, we're with you every step along the way.

We eliminate the frustration and confusion you have with traditional big box gyms, boot camp classes, and those H.I.I.T. workout places.

We keep our class sizes small so you won't feel lost.

We avoid high impact training that hurts your joints.

We show you what to do, how to do it, and guide you with each movement.

You have nothing to worry about or overthink.

Just show up and our personal trainers and coaches take care of the rest.

We're SO Proud of Our Bent On Better Fit Fam

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Here’s how we do it.

  1. We set a time to get to know you.  We talk about your goals, your needs, previous experiences, injury history, and map out an idea of what it could look like if we think Bent On Better is the right fit.

2. We schedule a time for you to come into the facility so you can see just where we’re located, and so we can talk more in depth. Whether you're just getting started or looking to change things up, we're going to start at your level by customizing your workout plan (don’t worry, you won’t have to workout at our first meeting).

3. You choose a time that works best for you and if it feels like the right fit, you set up your initial complimentary one-on-one personal training session with one of our personal trainers to go through a simple body weight session.

Our entire program is entirely risk free.
If you feel like we haven't earned your business, you can stop with no questions asked and we'll part as friends.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

-Matt April & the B.O.B. family

More About Bent On Better Small Group Personal Training West Chester, PA

Small Group Personal Training

Every session is in a small group with your own personal coach. Say goodbye to overcrowded, unsafe, non-personal large group classes.  We keep our sizes extra small (it'll feel like you have your own personal trainer with you each workout!).

You'll Fit Right In

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive facility where everyone here will know your name so you'll always feel welcomed, accepted, safe, and supported. You'll never feel judged or intimidated.

Joint Friendly Workouts

Each workout is customized around your pains, discomforts, and injuries. We will avoid high impact training that hurts your joints or makes you feel worse than when you started.

Start At Your Level

Whether you're just getting started or stuck in a rut, we'll design a custom program just for you and your goals.

A Lifestyle Approach

We don't just focus on one aspect of fitness. We focus on fitness, eating, lifestyle, sleep and all the things that can influence your goals.

We're With You Every Step of The Way

Just show up and we'll do the rest. You're never alone here. No more showing up and not knowing what to do. You don't have to think.

gyms in west chester pa Bent On Better Matt April owner and personal trainer

Hi - My name is Matt April!

I’m the owner and founder of Bent On Better in West Chester, PA.  We are a family owned and operated personal training fitness club in West Chester PA, but you may have found us just by searching for "gyms near me" in West Chester (which is totally fine, we're glad you stopped by to check us out!).  We are a "gym near me" (you) that is all about small group fitness and personal training sessions with a community as the driving force.

If you have ever felt lost in crowded classes, overlooked by the coaches, overworked by high intensity workouts, or just no connection to the community you’ve worked out with in the past… welcome to Bent On Better.

We like keeping it personal, customized, small, and fun.  We are an inclusive facility, and we welcome ALL walks of life, no matter your color, creed, gender, race, sexual orientation, or fitness level! 

We think of ourselves as the “PRE-hab” approach to fitness and personal training.  We take into account your workout history, your past injuries, your problematic pains, and write a full strength training program that makes sense for your goals, your joints, and your lifestyle (so you don't need to spend hours in boot camps with a large group of people doing open access workouts with no true purpose other than to make you sweaty).

We want to avoid those crazy high intensity boot camp workouts that leave you worse off than when you started. And let's be clear, we're NOT Crossfit, although we do love free weights, fitness goals, and helping our clients reach weight loss goals, your membership will not be bundled into a one size fits all format just to fill the gym.  

We want to help you move well so you can move often, and make sure you can keep moving to give you a more engaged, fulfilling, and satisfying life.  We want to help you regain your strength, feel energized, and feel better.  

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