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What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I've never seen anyone more aligned and in tune with their calling than Matt. Warm, encouraging and accepting, he creates a vibe that is fun and challenging. A beautiful balance of pushing you to your limits and cheering your accomplishments. Somehow finds the time to coach and be available outside of the gym... just naturally gifted in what he's doing!
  • I just started with Matt and have found him to be very tuned in to what his clients needs and objectives are. He is super motivating and makes every session challenging and rewarding! Through his positivity, you can see his passion and commitment to each and everyone he works with!!
  • I can't say enough great things about this coach and Bent on Better. I can honestly say I have attempted to lose weight numerous times and although I haven't lost any yet (I just started) I have a really positive attitude which comes from this coach. He is genuinely caring and really encourages you to reach your goals. He makes me smile when I come at 7:00 in the morning and when I leave it makes the rest of my day soooooo much better!
  • Having worked with Matt for one whole year now, I've realized there really are muscles under this fat!!! There's something to be said for a personal trainer who can have a room full of people, yet still make you feel like you're the most important person there! I've come from little strength a year ago to doing 10-15 push-ups without too much effort and realizing my upper body strength is awesome for me right now. Is there something of "Value" I've received after working out with Matt? Yes. . . I value his knowledge, experience, and dedication in helping me to achieve my goal of losing weight and building muscle to look and feel better about myself!
  • I just wanted to put a shout out to all my bent on better family members and my trainer Matt April. Matt is so sincere and passionate about Bent On Better and cares about every member. He's one big ball of energy, every time you show up for a workout, no matter what! How can you not be motivated? He won't allow it! He's given me the knowledge and tools to know how to work out properly. ie: make sure my back is straight, bend my legs the right way, lift properly. Matt, Kudos to you for being the best Trainer ever! Thanks, sincerely for your passion, motivation and energy!!!!!!
  • I started working with Matt in March, 2016 after completing physical therapy for shoulder injury. Thanks Matt April! Couldn't have done that without you! I just wanted to share. I'm realizing that although I came to you for help with a shoulder injury, there is just so much more that I needed, and so much more that I'm getting from it all. You are the best!
  • I started working with Matt in August, doing his group bootcamp two times a week. Prior to working with him I was one of those people that went to the gym and dreaded it, I would workout for 30min did cardio and a couple crunches and called it a day. I wasn't seeing progress and would give up easily. Since working with him I now work out in bootcamp 4x a week, progressing with my strength as well as my overall lifestyle change. Matt has taught me to push myself. He is a great coach who doesn't "yell" but he will push you to better yourself and provides a great support and encourages to challenge yourself. He makes working out fun and creates routines that people of all ages, sizes and even those with injuries can do. I can't thank him enough for the progress he has allowed me to see in myself and the encouragement for small goals I reach!
  • Having worked with numerous trainers over the years, I can honestly say Matt is one of the best! He is extremely motivating and cares about every one of his clients. I would definitely recommend Bent on Better to anyone who just needs that extra bit of motivation and anyone who wants to have fun while they work out. Great coach and great group of people to work out with.