The 12 Healthy Living Habits of the Super Fit

The 12 Healthy Living Habits of the Super Fit

The 12 Healthy Living Habits of the Super Fit

To most people, living a super fit life may sound a bit daunting or challenging.  What you must realize is that being super fit is not as challenging as you may think.  Being super fit is not a hobby, it is not a destination, it’s a lifestyle built through habit.

I want to share with you the 12 healthy living habits that I believe make up the SUPER FIT.  What you must keep in mind is that living a super fit life is a choice, and through habits, you too can become better at it.  

Here are my 12 Healthy Living Habits of the Super Fit…

1. Most fit people eat the same foods for every meal.

2. They typically start their day with a well balanced snack within 30 minutes of waking up and before consuming their biggest (and quite possibly the most important) meal of the day, breakfast.

3. They tend to eat often, but smaller sized meals, throughout their day.

4. They believe firmly in and always make an effort to get a good night’s sleep (the Sleep Cycle app is a great tool to help track your sleep time and quality, helping to improve your overall sleeping patterns).  The optimal amount of time is 7-8.5 hours a night.

5. They eat whole foods and avoid processed foods.  An easy rule of thumb is to shop the perimeter of the grocery story, with limited trips into the isles.

6. They become experts on nutrition and how their bodies work with their daily diets.

7. They are constantly hydrating themselves. The recommended amount of daily intake is about a gallon of water a day.  Keep in mind, some foods ( mainly fruits and veggies) will also contain a solid amount of water as well.

8. They exercise regularly.  Whether it’s 7 days a week, 5 days a week, or 3 days a week…they set the time aside for regular exercise.

9. They stop eating at a particular time, knowing that going to bed on a full stomach can lead to poor sleep and unwanted fat storage.

10. They do things such as wash their hands after being in public and before eating, they stay up to date with grooming, and dental hygiene is of high priority.

11. They find something other than foods to help cope with feelings (i.e. fitness, reading, music, spending time with friends or family, etc.)

12. They keep their homes stocked with whole real foods.

The 12 Healthy Living Habits of the Super Fit - Bent On Better

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How many of these things do you practice?

Are there any you would like to improve upon?

Comment below!

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