Why I’m Taking Some Time Off

Why I'm Taking Some Time Off - Bent On Better

Why I’m Taking Some Time Off

In this post, I will discuss why you did not hear a new podcast this week, why you will not hear a new podcast for a little while, and what you can expect in return.

Why I'm Taking Some Time Off - Bent On Better

Matt, where is my new Bent On Better podcast & blog post?!

Today I want to talk all about why I’m taking some time off. Now just to reassure you, this is not the end of Bent On Better, trust me I do not plan to ever stop. In this post I will discuss my reasons for why I’ve decided to take some time off, I will share some other very exciting news from the April household, and of course I will tell you what to expect in the future. Now let’s get right into it.


Why am I taking time off now, it’s a brand-new year?! Well, with a new year comes new goals. I had to take a good, long look inside and really narrow down my goals for this year.  I decided to write them down in a nice, orderly fashion. Want to see..? 

Why I'm Taking Some Time Off - Goals 2016 -Matt April - Bent On Better

I hope you have decided on what you want to do this year and change in your life to make sure that you remain bent on better. If you haven’t written out your goals or you haven’t decided what you want to work on/improve, check out my post about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals by clicking this link here.

So, why now?

A. I want to make sure I stay focused on my goals for 2016.

OK, if you couldn’t read my hand writing, my beautiful wife (and all star food blogger) Lynn of Fresh April Flours and I are expecting a baby April this summer.  This is our first baby, so with so much uncertainty in parenting, I want to make sure I’m able to be the best father, EVER.  I also want to make sure I am an amazing husband to the girl who will always own my heart, so 2 of my 3 goals go hand-in-hand (pretty much).  My third goal is to help 100 people achieve a health/fitness goal, PERSONALLY.  As a certified personal trainer, and health/fitness blogger, I want to work with you personally to help you achieve any goal you have to eat better, cleaner, lift more weights, lose 10 pounds of fat, etc.

B. My resources are limited, time and money, so I must use them wisely. We all have heard the saying, “money doesn’t grow on trees.”  But what about the saying, “you can find $5 on the street, but you can never find 5 minutes.”  Time is one of, if not, the most important resources in your life.  Each podcast and blog post I create, although I enjoy every single second of doing it, takes an incredible amount of time AND quite a bit money.  Since I provide all of this for free to you and everyone who finds my blog and podcast, my costs are extremely high and out balanced by the $0 this blog and podcast makes.  But, with all of that being said, I plan to offer more products and services to you to not only help you but to help with the costs of running this blog and podcast.  This statement leads me to my final point…

C. I want to give you more helpful content and serve you better.

I started Bent On Better with one purpose: to help you continuously get better. Over the past year I have produced over 60 podcasts, over 60 blog posts, and helped multiple people reach health and fitness goals both directly and indirectly. Everything you see and hear on my podcast and blog is done by me.  The artwork, the writing, the website, the editing (or lack-there-of at times, whoops!), the interviewing, the hosting, everything!  But this time off isn’t about the financial side of things, it’s about being able to help you get even better than better.  But don’t forget, if you’re in the West Chester or Philadelphia area, I’m available for personal training.  And guess what, if you’re not in the area, but still want to work with me as a personal trainer, I have online personal training packages available as well.

What to expect…

Now I’m excited to announce that over the next few months, I will be creating more products and services to be able to serve you better and help you get even better.  Here is what you can expect in the future:

– Healthy Eating Guide

– Healthy Recipes

– Workout programs

– Workout videos

– more and more helpful free blog posts and podcasts 😉

Have a suggestion?  Email me at Matt @ BentOnBetter.com.

Thanks for joining me again this week, I’m glad you decided to come back. If you’re new to the blog, welcome! 
Visit my Start Here page to get the low down on this whole Bent On Better thing. 
If you have any questions you’d like addressed personally, feel free to email me at Matt@BentOnBetter.com.   
Lastly, don’t forget to subscribe to the show on iTunes to get automatic updates, available for both iOS and Android on Stitcher  
Cover photo by Matt April

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