6 Week Challenge – THANK YOU

Welcome To Bent On Better!

To our new Better Fitness Family member,

Welcome to Bent On Better! My name is Matt and I’m the owner and head coach here at Bent On Better.  I want to congratulate you on taking the first step toward becoming a happier, healthier, and stronger Chester County resident. You’ve taken the biggest step by contacting our results-based group training facility here in West Chester, PA, and making the decision to change your life.  You have put yourself you in a very small percentage of the population who is taking action, and for that, I thank you. Selecting Bent On Better to guide you on your path of results and success doesn’t go unnoticed, and it isn’t taken lightly.

I am honored to be a part of your journey.  Thank you for trusting me (and Bent On Better) in this process.

The 6 Week Challenge details:

Official kickoff meeting/orientation date and time:
Friday, April 7, 2017  7pm-8pm

We will discuss what you can expect during the 6 week challenge, our expectations for the challengers, proper nutrition, your meal plan, the warm up routine, and much more!

OFFICIAL START DATE: April 10, 2017 – May 20, 2017 


M – F: 6 AM

M / T / TR / F: 6 PM 

Sat: 9 AM 


Step One:  Arrive at Bent On Better


We are currently and conveniently located on Green Lane, right off of 352 South, right down the road from the Dunkin Donuts and XPRESS Lube and next to the Valley Market.

Our current address is:

1601 Green Lane

West Chester, PA 19382

Heading down Route 3 East (West Chester Pike), you’ll make a right on 352 South, and pass white fencing on your left. Turn left onto Green Lane (there will be a second small set of white fences on your right).

Once you turn left, you will use the second driveway on the left (these are one way drives). You made it to Advent Lutheran Church, the current training facility for Bent On Better!


The back part of the parking along the grass is to be used for Bent On Better members (pictured above) and parking spaces go around the back to the left.

Step Two:  Come on in!

Once you park, come on in!

Enter here:


Once you walk through ^^this door^^,

go up these stairs…



For our 6 WEEK CHALLENGE KICKOFF MEETING, all you will need is your ID (a driver’s license will do!). No workout clothes are necessary for this meeting.  We’re just going to talk about your goals, your workout history (if there is any), and we will discuss the program requirements and expectations.

When you come for your first workout, please bring a water bottle (you can refill it here), an ‘A+ attitude’, and yourself! We’ll be exercising, so please wear workout clothes.

When you walk into Bent On Better, you will be greeted by:

Matt April of Bent On Better HeadShot

Matt, Owner/ Head Coach
(me 😎 )


I’ll be waiting to greet you as you come in the door and up the steps.  You may even hear and see one of our results-based group training sessions starting or finishing (depending on the time you come in).

It’s very likely that we’ll introduce you to some of our members.  After all, we want to provide you with a full team of support to help you reach your goals!

Step Three: Let’s do the Orientation 

The goal of this session is to make sure you start this challenge with a bang! Here’s what will happen during this session:

 Just get here 😁
Our orientation process will cover a lot, but we guide you through every step. As long as you show up, we take care of everything else. There is no guess work! Also, if you have any questions at any time, you can ask us and we’ll be happy to answer. The only bad questions are the ones you don’t ask, so ask us anything you are thinking!  We want you to leave this session confident and armed with the right strategies to jumpstart your fitness for your 6 week challenge.


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