Athletic Development Program

Get Stronger, Run Faster, and Build More Confidence with our Athletic Development Program


We like to take a bit of a fun, pre-hab approach for athletic development for the kids. This just means we want to make sure everything they do is helping them long-term with sports performance and athletics, rather than just give them a grueling workout and make them sweat like a drill sergeant. That’s not our approach.

We focus our training sessions on the fundamentals of athletic movements. We start with mobility drills for our warm-ups, run through the training program with foundational and functional exercises/lifts for athletes, and finish each session with speed and agility, mechanics, conditioning, or change of direction work.

The Bent On Better Way

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Personalized Coaching For All Athletic Levels

We’ll show your athlete exactly what to do and we’ll make sure they're doing it right so they can get great results without worrying about getting hurt.

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Middle School & High School

Your kids will not be alone. They will have a support system of coaches & like minded young athletes with them every step of the way.  Whether your athlete is in middle school or high school,  our program is great for developing confidence & athleticism.

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In Season and Off Season Training

No matter what your child's sport is, our program will get your kid ready in the off-season and get them ready for their next season!

Getting started at Bent On Better is simple and easy.

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