The Top 3 Benefits of Warming Up

The Top 3 Benefits of Warming up - Bent On Better BentOnBetter - Matt April

The Top 3 Benefits
of Warming Up

Wellness Wednesday with Bent On Better:

The Importance of Warming up

There are many benefits to warming up your body before performing a physical activity.
The National Academy of Sports Medicine recommends that the cardiorespiratory portion of a warm-up last between 5 and 10 minutes and be performed at a low-to-moderate intensity level. Below you will find some of the top benefits of warming up.

The benefits of warming up
(and the effects)

Benefit #1:

Increased heart rate and respiratory rate


Increases cardiorespiratory system’s capacity to perform work
Increases blood flow to active muscle tissue
Increases the oxygen exchange capacity

Benefit #2:

Increased tissue temperature


Increases rate of muscle contraction
Increases efficiency of opposing muscle contraction and relaxation
Increases metabolic rate
Increases the soft tissue extensibility

Benefits #3:

Increased psychological preparation for bouts of exercise


Increases the mental readiness of an individual

The Top 3 Benefits of Warming up - Bent On Better BentOnBetter - Matt April NASM National Academy Of Sports Medicine. ACSM NCCPT, trainer. Certified personal trainer

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