In Her Own Words – A Bent On Better Family Testimonial

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Don’t just take it from us that we are the best gym in West Chester, PA, let our members do the talking! 


Jan C.

Six months ago, when I started at Bent On Better (the best gym in West Chester in my opinion), I could not do a real push up to save my life.  I would get my body in position and nothing …my arms/shoulders wouldn’t move.  I did the “from the knee” pushups so slow that it felt like everyone was half way thru the set before I finished.  One day, Matt said try ONE pushup at home. Just one. I went home and could barely do ½ of one. Over time, I kept trying and actually did ONE!

There’s a Bent On Better video out there of me showing how strong I am at deadlifting but it also shows me doing slow knee pushups.  That video was filmed at the end of February. Fast forward to summer, I am up to FIVE real pushups.  It is a journey and this is the best gym in West Chester to be at! To Matt the motivator, thank you!







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