Eight Week Program Announcement

Lose weight, burn fat and become better
with the Bent On Better 8 week program!

**This contest has ended**
If you have been following my journey, you would know that I’m heading into week 10 of my Better Eating for The Best You 12 week journey where I have changed nothing in my life but my overall diet (what I’m eating, when I’m eating, and what I’m not eating).

Through many trials and errors on my end, I have been able to solidify a program that works (and I have the results to prove it!).

Start of week 1
Start of week 1
Start of week 8
Start of week 8

In 8 weeks of developing my own program, trying this and that, seeing what works well and what doesn’t work so well, I have been able to simplify exactly what I have done.

So, per the request of multiple readers and friends of mine, I have compiled all of my knowledge into an 8 week program to help you reach your goals and also have the ideal body composition you desire for summer of 2015 (and longer).

Here are a few questions you may be asking yourself right now…

What is the Bent On Better 8 week program?

The Bent On Better 8 week program will be offered as a well-structured nutrition plan
designed to help you accelerate your progress and reach your goals.
The 8 week program will consist of:

– grocery list
– macronutrient list
– a macronutrient plan specific to your goals
– my exact format for carbohydrate cycling*

How much will you charge for this product?

I will be opening this program to the public for $49.

Why should I follow this plan?

This plan is based around your life and your goals.
You are not required to purchase any additional items to follow this program.
(That means there are no required shakes, pills, juices, or wraps.)
I am removing all of the guess work and giving you the tools to help you become the best you.

***Before I release my 8 week program to you,
I’ve decided to offer it absolutely free for only 3 people.***

Want to be one of the 3?

I am accepting applications for my free program through
Tuesday, May 5th, 2015 11:59pm (EST).

Guidelines for the application:

-You must want to see results
-You must be willing to work hard
-You must have the desire to be better
-You must be ok with being featured on the future Bent On Better success stories page*
*(which also will include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter shares)

Instructions for submitting an application:

Send an email to me at [email protected]
1. Your name
2. Where you are in your life (physical body composition)
3. Where you want to be (physical body composition)
4. Why I should choose you

If you’re someone whose hard-earned cash is going to useless pills, shakes, and “diet foods,” you need to send me an email!

The winners will be announced
Wednesday, May 6th, 2015
on the Bent On Better Facebook page.

I look forward to reading the applications!

Remember, even though you may be content with your current situation, there is ALWAYS room to be better…now it’s time to become the best you!

6 thoughts on “Eight Week Program Announcement”

    1. Hey Richard, the program will be available for purchase for everyone next weekend on Sunday, May 17th. Do you need access to the program before I release it?

      1. Thanks Matt – looking forward to more information on it. I’ve been struggling with my diet big time for the past year and seeing your posts made me want to do better and get back on track!

        1. Richard,
          As I wrap up my 12 week journey, I’m trying to plan everything accordingly so there is no guess work with my program. I apologize for the push back, but the release will be a little later this month. Stay posted, it WILL be up soon and with multiple pricing options for everyone. Thanks for the ongoing support!

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