Matt's Health & Fitness Favorites


*I recommend going with a vanilla protein, because it goes well with practically anything (and you can add dutch processed cocoa to make it chocolate!) 

Popular Whey Complete Protein:
(uses some artificial ingredients, sweet, and perfect for newbies to using protein supplements)

Cleanest Whey Complete Protein:
(clean ingredients + simple taste, subtle sweetness)

Favorite Vegan Protein :
(cleanest, subtle sweetness) 

Best Unflavored Collagen Protein:
(great for coffee, tea, or even fruit smoothies)

Kitchen MUST Haves

Convenient and simple kitchen tools to make your fit life easier

Food Scale:
(this is the number one BEST and most overlooked tool for results)

Air Fryer (4 QT):
(we have this exact one and we use it multiple times DAILY to heat up adn cook foods ranging from chicken nuggets and fries  to steaming veggies and cooking meats)

French Press Coffee Maker:

Electric Milk Frother Handheld:

For the soda/seltzer water lovers:
Sparkling Water Maker
(we have this exact and love having the extra bottle, this helps curb appetite, can satisfy cravings, and it hydrates at the same time!)


Want to improve your balance, stability, and overall strength?  Suffer from bunions or plantar fasciitis?

Start with your feet and your foot care.

Step 1: Give those puppies some air (go barefoot!) 

Step 2: Get a better wide* toe box, minimalist shoe (*a WIDE TOE BOX shoe is very different from just a wide shoe, they're not the same)

Wide Toe Box Minimalist Shoes 
(Matt's personal favorite)
----> For Men:
----> For Women:


Other great shoes to consider:


Toe Socks:

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