Health Benefits of Barre Exercises with Tori Levine

Health Benefits of Barre Exercises - Tori Levine - Babies at the Barre - Bent On Better - Barre

Health Benefits of Barre Exercises 

In this barre chat you will learn about:

– The various health benefits of doing barre exercises, especially as a new or expecting mom

– Getting back your “pre-pregnancy shape”

– The importance of flexibility and core training pre- and post-pregnancy

Health Benefits of Barre Exercises - Tori Levine - Babies at the Barre - Bent On Better - Barre

Health Benefits of Barre Exercises for New and Expecting Moms
with Tori Levine of Babies at the Barre™

In this episode I chat with Tori Levine of Babies at the Barre™ about the health benefits of barre exercises for new and expecting mothers. As you will hear in my chat with Tori, she went from a working woman to a stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur, but her story starts back at a young age at the Barre.  

Tori is mom to a 1 year old boy, a 6 year old furry girl, and wife to an amazing man who works full time and goes to law school at night.  Tori started Babies at the Barre™ to get back to exercising without having to hire a babysitter. 

Tori grew up dancing in a pre-professional company and attended SUNY Purchase College for dance (ballet and modern). As part of her dance training Tori was introduced to Pilates. In college, after her second hip surgery, Tori took a break from dance and earned her BA in Psychology and MS in Criminal Justice.

After a few different career endeavors and the birth of her son in June 2014, Tori was looking for an option to work doing something she loved part time while staying home with her son. While pursuing her certification in Pilates, Tori completed certification in barre and began teaching “Mommy and me” style barre classes since her son was young and went pretty much everywhere with her. Not long after Babies at the Barre™ was born!

Tori enjoys meeting other new parents and creating a great workout that parents can do while wearing and connecting with baby…all while not having to pay for a babysitter!

Show Notes

In the very beginning of our chat, Tori made it clear she was nervous to be on the show…but after chatting about her passion for a few minutes she really opened up and let the really Tori join the chat.  We discussed a small variety of topics, all around the idea of fitness for the new moms.  As a personal trainer, you know I value health and exercise, so although I have never been a new mom, the practices and principles for healthy living and exercise still apply.

Babies at the Barre™ was created out of necessity for all expecting moms and new moms to strengthen the abdominal muscles, the transverse abdominals, the pelvic floor… essentially all the core musculature that is neglected during most of the pregnancy.  Tori stresses to her expecting moms and new moms how important proper posture is for everyone, especially moms!  As a new mother herself, she is constantly keeping herself in check during every day life and tried to ingrain the same principles in her moms. When the baby starts moving, you need to be agile, quick, and ready to pickup and put down baby multiple times a day!

 Exercising also helps improve you mood.  Some mothers go through postpartum depression (also known as the post-baby blues) which is generally self-diagnosed, but can lead to long-term complications if not properly addressed*. But there is good news!  Exercising helps to release endorphins in the brain, which help to combat those depression feelings. To read more about how exercise can benefit your life, check out my recent blog post The Top 7 Reasons to Exercise.

Some of Tori’s basic movements that can help strengthen the neglected muscles during and postpartum:

1. Kegel exercises

2. The “ugly man kiss”

3. Pulling your shoulders back with your stomach engaged

4. The “club move”

Overall, we cannot understate importance of your physical wellbeing, even though your baby may seem like your number one priority.  If you do not take care of your physical wellbeing enough, who will be able to make sure your baby’s physical wellbeing is perfect?  Take the time to care for your body, it’s a temple and you only get one.  I mentioned one of my favorite ways to take care of my body beyond exercising, which is to use a foam roller.  Click this link to get one from Amazon.  I don’t know where I would be without my foam roller. <3 


Babies at the Barre™ 

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The Top 7 Reasons to Exercise 

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Facebook groups mentioned in the show: 

-Harrisburg/Mechanicsburg Breastfeeding Support Group
-Linglestown New Mom’s Group
-Babywearing International of South Central Pennsylvania

*You’re a healthy guy or gal, and I know you value your health.  But here’s the thing, I have to remind you that these tips are provided for your information and are not intended as medical advice. Please work with your health care professional to determine what’s right for you.  Just remember, eating right and barre exercises start with you.

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