The Bent On Better Experience

Small Group Personal Training
Every session is in a small group with your own personal coach. Say goodbye to overcrowded, unsafe, non-personal large group classes.  We keep our sizes extra small (it'll feel like you have your own personal trainer with you each workout!).

Start At Your Own Level
Whether you're just getting started or stuck in a rut, we'll design a custom program just for you and your goals.

A Lifestyle Approach To Health & Fitness
We don't just focus on one aspect of fitness. We focus on fitness, eating, lifestyle, sleep and all the things that can influence your goals.

You'll Fit Right In!
We pride ourselves on being an inclusive facility where everyone here will know your name so you'll always feel welcomed, accepted, safe, and supported. You'll never feel judged or intimidated.

Joint Friendly Workouts!
Each workout is customized around your pains, discomforts, and injuries. We will avoid high impact training that hurts your joints or makes you feel worse than when you started.

We're With You EVERY Step Along The Way!
Just show up and we'll do the rest. You're never alone here. No more showing up and not knowing what to do. You don't have to think.

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