Improving Your Posture and Health with Dr. Brent Brookbush

Improving Your Posture and Health with Brent Brookbush - Bent On Better - Dr Brent Brookbush - Brookbush Institute

Improving Your Posture and Health

with Dr. Brent Brookbush
a Bent On Better session

Improving Your Posture with Dr Brent Brookbush - Bent On Better

In this week’s session of the Bent On Better podcast, where better means becoming the best you in health, fitness, and overall wellness, my guest is Dr. Brent Brookbush of the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science.  In this episode we discuss weight loss tips and improving your posture and health.

Brent is the president and founder of The Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science where the goal is Optimizing Human Movement Science Education.  From routine design to program design, corrective exercise to performance enhancement, functional anatomy, human movement science (HMS), exercise physiology and kinesiology – their aim is to deliver the information you need in the format you want it.  Brent has his BS in Health and Wellness: Sports Management, California University of Pennsylvania; his MS: Exercise Science: Focus in Rehabilitation Science, California University of Pennsylvania; and his Doctorate in Physical Therapy: CUNY/Hunter – Graduate Center, Clinical Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.
Brent has been in the health and wellness industry since 1998, and an impassioned educator for nearly 10 years. Developing a presentation style that is clear and engaging he has been focused on optimizing evidence-based, skill-centric, education for all human movement professionals. As a recourse to industry giants from SHAPE magazine Town Sports International, Equinox and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Brent is grateful to affect thousands of lives every year as President and Founder of the Brookbush Institute of Human Movement Science.

Brent is truly Bent On Better.

Some take-away points we discuss in this episode:

1.  Posture

The optimal motion as it is controlled by muscle facia, joints, and the nervous system. Over our lifetime as we start slowly moving less and less optimal. We can call that our posture falling apart. Our sedentary desk jockey lifestyles.
A great way to improve how we slow the process of decreasing our
-a good desk chair
-set your monitor
-high heel shoes
-heavy backpacks

There are a lot of little faults we make that start breaking down the quality of our human movement. But overall, our biggest mistake is to think we do not have to work at it with exercise, therapeutic exercises, or corrective exercises and somehow beat postural problems.

2. At home exercises to do to improve overall posture

Foam roll your calves: your calves have the natural propensity of being overactive and booming tight. So utilizing a quality foam roller and doing some at home self myofascial release techniques will allow you to massage and lengthen those overactive areas of your calf muscles.

-Learn how to active your gluts (your booty)
-Side stepping with a fit tube (or even some tied resistance bands) just above your knees will engage and activate your gluts, allowing you to feel the activation and strengthen that area.
-Foam roll your thoracic spine
Doing such a simple exercise as foam rolling your spine can be very beneficial to your overall posture, and can actually feel quite relaxing at times.

3. Periodization for athletes (competitive, recreational, strength, and endurance athletes)

Segmenting your workouts into 4-6 week segments/cycles so that each segmented timeframe/cycle will focus on a different training adaptation. You would most likely start and progress through the segmentations going from endurance training to hypertrophy training to maximal strength training to power (in a velocity sense). If you train in one of these areas for too long (specifically maximal strength or power) you are increasing your chances of injury in the long term.
Start with lighter weights in the 12-20 rep range, focusing primarily on controlling the weight in a 4/2/2 tempo.
Then go into the hypertrophy stage, dropping your reps to the 6-12 reps of weights that are a little heavier than what you were previously using.
After hypertrophy you will move into maximal strength with heavy weights and a rep range of 1-6.
Finally, the optional phase is to move into the power velocity stage of your training.

4. Weight loss occurs in time under tension

During stability endurance training, you’re actually burning more calories due the the overall time under tension because you’re focusing more adaptation. It is all about staying in motion.

More weight loss tips:

-Stick to larger, more compound movements (squats, rows, pushups, etc.).
-Stay away from single joint movement patterns (bicep curls, tricep extensions)
-Stay away from “toning” and “spot reduction”
Pick large movement patterns, keep cardiovascular activity in your routine. The muscle mass you put on, the more calories you will burn in the long run.
-Find healthier, lower calorie foods, that you ENJOY. Jus look for more long-term nutritional game plans that you can enjoy, rather than a quick fix, unhealthy diet trend.

 Weight loss is always achieved in a caloric deficit. Energy in must be less than energy out.

*these statements are not meant as medical help.  Seek professional advice if you suffer from any of the aforementioned.

Resources mentioned on the show: | Foam Roller 

Fitness or Fiction: The Truth About Diet and Exercise 



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Huge thanks again to Dr. Brent Brookbush for joining me this week for another great session. I’m excited for the next one. But until next time, remember, even though you may be content with your current situation, there is always room to be better.  Now it’s time to become the best you.

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