Member Spotlight April 2017

April 2017:
Member Spotlight of the Month: Jen S.💪


Another Fit Mom Challenge turned full time member, Jen Spagnuola is one awesome individual who brings nothing but greatness to each class. When I first met Jen, we did her consultation with her son in tow.

Now you see, most people who come in (actually all people who come in) to meet with me for the first time, usually come alone. In our goal-setting part of the consultation, I usually get to find out IF this person is going to be a good fit… Since we’re a fitness family, I want to be sure the person I’m meeting with is also a family person.

Jen’s consultation was a quick one (and not just because I was boring her son), Jen was straight to the point and said she wanted to get back on track with her health and fitness FOR HER SON. Jen still, to this day, works hard every time she is in with us, all for her son. She’s working on losing weight. She’s working to get stronger. She’s running (although she despises me when I make her do it). She’s doing it all, for him! We love that about you, Jen! Thanks for being so great and for making our fit fam community even better and joining us for the fit mom challenge!

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