Member Spotlight August 2017

Member Spotlight of the Month: Stephanie

For much of my early teenage years, and my younger brothers’ childhood years, we grew up in a home with a single mom.   Thinking back to how my mom worked crazy hours, took us to and from our respective sporting event, etc. really makes me appreciate this lady right here.

Stephanie, who is an AMAZING single mom, has been with Bent On Better since March 20, 2017, and she never ceases to amaze me with the new levels of awesomeness she hits with her fitness.


When Stephanie first started at Bent On Better personal group training, we knew her main priority was to get healthier for the #1 man in her life, Nathan (her 5 year old son, who, by the way, is the man. He fills her water bottles for her, he gets her the foam roller when she needs it, he does karate, he plays hockey…he’s the full package).

In the beginning, our goal was to make sure she could perform all of the movements and exercises properly, without pain and to get healthier.  That was tough… It was almost like teaching a 5 year old how to do karate (haha, Nate’s karate instructor must have a lot of experience under his belt. HA, get it? Karate….belt… ‍♂️).

But sure enough, she got it!  Now, Stephanie is stronger than ever!  Deadlifting 88 pounds, bench pressing 50 pounds, doing squats with 88 pounds, pulling a sled (pictured above) that alone weighs 125 pounds, but weighs 275 pounds when her coach sits on it and makes her pull it.  And she does it multiple times.  Fan-FREAKING-tastic.

You’re awesome, Steph!  Keep it up, lady! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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