Member Spotlight December 2017

Meet the Member Spotlight of the Month:

Joanne L.

When I first met this amazing woman (that’s Joanne, doing deadlifts like a champion!), she told me that her goals were to improve her overall health, fitness, strength, and her mindset.  As  a full time teacher, she lives a pretty hectic and stressful lifestyle, as it is for most teachers (you guys are freaking amazing for what you do!).  As she told me more about her job as a full time teacher and track and field coach, it was super evident to me that she was dedicated to her profession and her children, but I also noticed she was putting her own health and happiness on the back burner.



After we spoke, it was obvious to me that she had a relative idea about how to improve her overall health, having experience coaching and training for a 5k herself, and she knew a little more than my average beginner client, about exercising.

I knew our greatest challenge wasn’t going to be working out, but rather, working on her overall wellness.

You see, most of the time, the biggest critic we have in our lives isn’t our coworkers, our friends, our haters, whoever, but instead it is usually the voice in our own heads… and the voice in Joanne’s head was LOUD! (haha, love you, lady! 😜)

So guess what?  I had to make MY voice (just a little bit) louder than her inner voice.

In the beginning, Joanne would doubt herself, she would question her abilities, she would set up road blocks (physically and mentally) for herself, limiting her progress.

But we kept with it.

Now, she’s stronger than she has ever been with me.  She’s lifting more weight than ever, she’s exercising for longer periods of time, she’s taking shorter breaks, and she smiling more!

Joanne, I’m so freaking proud of you and all you’ve accomplished so far.  We’re going to make 2018 the year to remember!  Keep up the amazing work, and keep just that little voice in your head MY voice.  😉

You’ve got this!!  Love ya!👏🏻

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