Member Spotlight January 2017

Member Spotlight of the Month: Jen L.💪

There is a lot that can be said about this full-time working, small business owning, passionately positive, wife and mother of 2, but one thing I want to emphasize about this lady is that she NEVER backs down from a challenge. When Jen (a nutritionist) started on her journey to Better back in March 2016, she was finishing physical therapy for a shoulder injury and wanted proper guidance in the gym to make sure what she was doing was not only going to be helpful but also safe! Jen worked her way through the challenges I kept giving her, performing every exercise with such focus and dedication. Over the months to follow, Jen has more than doubled her strength, improved her health and fitness, and has a new level of confidence when entering the gym. Jen, I’m so freaking proud of you and all of your hard work, I’m excited for the progress to come and to see just how much you can squat and deadlift, now that we have more weights for you. 😉

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