Member Spotlight July 2017

Barbara - West Chester area mom - side plankMember Spotlight of the Month: Barbara

Meet Barbara, a West Chester mom who works full time and has never lifted weights before in her life.

When I met Barbara back in October 2016, I never would have thought I’d get to see how much of an amazing woman she truly is.

Barbara, who has been with Bent On Better Personal Group Training since March 18, 2017, has made some awesome improvements in her fitness and overall health.

When Barbara first started at Bent On Better, just the thought of doing a plank brought on lower back pain. Doing more than 10 jumping jacks seemed practically impossible. And using ANY kettlebells or dumbbells for squats was not even an option.

Now, Barbara is able to do multiple rounds of jumping jacks, she can hold various planks for extended periods of time WITHOUT excruciating lower back pain, and her squats (and many other exercises) are done with weights in hand (WOOOOO!!! ). Oh, and I must not forget, she recently hit a PR and deadlifted 70lbs!!

To top it all off, she has improved her fitness and overall health, blood pressure, and her cholesterol levels!

You have come so far in just a few months, Barbara. I can’t wait to see what else you will accomplish in the next few months!

Keep up the great work!

Even when you don’t know it, you’re inspiring others who are just like you!

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