Member Spotlight September 2017

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Member Spotlight of the Month: Ellen

When I met Ellen (in the pink) back in January 2017, one of the first things she told me was that she was a frequent gym-goer and she loves high intensity classes.  Additionally, within our initial consultation, she used the word “better” multiple times when I would ask about her health and fitness goals…  Right then and there, I knew she’d be a great fit.
Ellen, a wife and full time working mother of 2 grown young men, has the energy of 10 Energizer bunnies + 2 highly caffeinated Matts, and this became very evident after just our first few classes.  Once I caught on to her well established fitness level, I knew I’d have to continue to challenge her in a way she hadn’t been challenged before.
She was already fast, so we had to get her faster.
She was already strong, so we had to get her stronger.
She was already a sweater, so we had to make her realize she could sweat more (and less, while still getting a great workout!).
She was already a body-pumping champ, so I had to help her get more pumped! (yeah, I don’t know where I was going with that one…but you get me.  She was great, we had to get her even better).
Over the last 8 months, Ellen has continued to be a great ball of energy, but now she’s got the strength and stamina to back that energy.  She is such an asset to our high intensity classes!
She always has a smile on her face, she’s always working harder than she did last time, she always shows up, and she’s always there to inspire others.
You are an amazing woman, Ellen.  Keep it up!


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