Reservation Cancellation or Reschedule


As stated in your Bent On Better service agreement, you may cancel or reschedule an appointment reservation without penalty if before the scheduled start time. 

If you wish to cancel (reschedule) a session outside the 12-hour window, you can still do so manually in the scheduling app.

Alternatively, if you’re within the 12-hour window you can cancel any time BEFORE the session start time without forfeit of the session.

If you do not provide notice prior to the start time of your session reservation or do not show up, your session will not be refunded, credited, or rescheduled (except in circumstances of emergencies)

Just complete the short cancellation form before.

Example: More than 12 hours BEFORE your reservation:
Just cancel & reschedule within the Zen Planner app

Example: Less than 12 hours BEFORE your reservation:
If you are scheduled for a 6:30pm session on January 1 and it is after 7am on January 1 (inside the 12-hour window), you must complete this short form to be credited the session.  You can complete the form any time prior to 6:30pm (even 6:29pm).
*If it is 6:31pm and you have not given a notice via email or by completing this form, you will forfeit that session due to a no-contact and no-show.*

*The form is time-stamped based on the universal clock on your device used to complete the form.

"Accountability & communication are the cornerstones to your long-term success."

-Matt April

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