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Bent On Better + ILiFT = Partnership for a Healthier You

After chatting with my friends over at ILiFT Fitness, we have decided we will be exclusively working together on upcoming and future projects to make sure you’re always improving and becoming the healthiest, fittest version of yourself.

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What is ILiFT Fitness?
ILiFT Fitness, or ILiFT, is a fitness community established in 2009 by a personal trainer and has grown to be a team of personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts who share pertinent information and workouts to help motivate and educate for a healthier lifestyle. The ILiFT team’s three main focal points are lifestyle, performance, and aesthetics. Their goal is to be a community that is “Fit For All.”

So, why work together with ILiFT?


Well, the Bent On Better brand’s sole focus is to help you get better in any (or all) of the three pillars: health, fitness, and overall wellness.  I want to be there along your journey to a better life, help you learn and grow, and develop those healthy lifestyle habits that will allow you to live the best life possible!  My passions tend to be found within healthy eating habits, nutrition/diet, and self-wellness.  But I do not ever overlook or want you to overlook the importance of physical fitness for overall health improvement. Working together with such driven community of reputable personal trainers like those of ILiFT aligns perfectly with the fitness pillar of Bent On Better.

This partnership will benefit you in many ways:

1. Credible Personal Trainers

The team of ILiFT personal trainers will be a  great resource for you to learn from to help you reach your fitness goals, while achieving better overall health in unison with Bent On Better’s healthy living habit and nutritional tips.

2. More Inspiration and Motivation

You know I’m good for a solid cup of motivation, but the team over at ILiFT also will provide a variety of inspirational quotes, motivational call-to-action statements, and uplifting pictures and videos to keep you going!

3. Variety of Helpful Perspectives and Experiences

Each personal trainer within the ILiFT team has his or her own experiences that will provide you with an even more in depth knowledge for many training and fitness modalities.

4. Much More Content

I will continue to produce podcasts, blog posts, and you can even keep an eye out for future videos from Bent On Better.   Guess who else will provide many sources of multimedia for you to use?  You’ve got it, the ILiFT team!

So what are you looking forward to the most?  New workout ideas?  More fitness tips?  We want to hear about your struggles, comments, and concerns!  Follow us on Facebook with the links below!

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(follow them on these platforms too!)
ILiFT on Instagram | ILiFT on Twitter

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There is truly strength in numbers, and what better strength than that which can make others better(pun intended)?


If you’re new to the blog, welcome! Visit my Start Here page to get the low down on this whole Bent On Better thing.  If you’re a regular, thanks for joining me again this week! I’m glad you decided to come back. Have some feedback you’d like to share? Interested in a topic we covered in this session? Leave a comment in the section below.  

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If you have any questions you’d like addressed personally, feel free to email me at

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