"I now have more energy to do EVERYTHING, including chasing my twin 10-year old girls."

Alisa, 48 years young

“Before working with Matt, I had tried spin class, body pump classes, I used the treadmill and other machines (and I was even enrolled in Tae Kwon Do). But what I really wanted Matt to show me was how to use the free weights because I wanted to get into weight lifting more and I wanted to lose weight. I needed more guidance so I could have the confidence to just get in there and do it. I had worked with a few trainers and so I had some idea of what to expect and what I didn’t like about the other trainers. Matt far exceeded any expectations I had about trainers and coaches. He showed me exactly what I wanted to know and continues to show me and motivate me in a positive manner. Matt is knowledgable about weight lifting and understands my needs. He caters my program to ME. He knows exactly what I need and treats me like a person vs a client. He understands my goals but knows my perceived mental and phycial limitations and works with me to get there by breaking down things into smaller steps. But at the same time he challenges me in such a way that pushes me since I tend to not know my own strength and what I am capable of. The long term effects of what I am doing now will be greater than the other programs due to the way I am doing it. Its not a fad or a get skinny quick program. Its hard work…but when I started with Matt I could barely run around the 100M indoor track and do a few jumping jacks without gasping for air and almost falling over. I now have more energy to do EVERYTHING, including chasing my twin 10 year old girls. By losing the weight ( 40 pounds in 8 months) I am helping myself to work towards the goal of being a black belt in Tae Kwon Do some day. I am currently on belt 7 of 11 to becoming a black belt. I also ran my first 5K at age 47 in June 2016.”

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"...it has just made me feel more comfortable in public."

Beverly, 60 years young

“I have always exercised in some way. Whether it was walking, jogging, dancing, etc. It just wasn’t consistent. It came in increments of whatever I felt like doing. My last big exercise program was when I was training for the Broad Street Run an few years ago. But I HATE GYMS!!! My husband and I talked about joining the gym since the winter was ending and it was a good way to start to get into some kind of shape for spring. We both had gotten lazy over winter and were eating anything and everything. Thank God we both were in agreement with exercising so the decision was easy after that. I’ve never had a personal trainer but I do know that you have to put your heart and soul into it if you want to take it seriously, as I do! You have to be consistent with your workouts and dedicated to trying your hardest and I’ve started seeing positive results the first few months into it. Matt is so knowledgeable in every area of fitness training and nutrition! He never hesitates to answer a question and I’ve never second guessed any answer has given me. Do you want to know what areas of my life have changed since I started working with Matt? Hmmmm. . . My husband is happy! 😉 Ok, Ok. . . seriously, it has just made me feel more comfortable in public and I don’t feel so overweight anymore. Even though I still have pounds to go, I’m down 30 pounds and I feel so much better already. Can’t say I have more energy cause I’ve always had energy, I think it’s more of a “confidence” issue. . . thank you Matt!”

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"...it has just made me feel more comfortable in public."

Jeanine, 45 years young

“I just wanted to put a shout out to all my bent on better family members and my trainer Matt April. Matt is so sincere and passionate about Bent On Better and cares about every member. He's one big ball of energy, every time you show up for a workout, no matter what! How can you not be motivated? He won't allow it! He's given me the knowledge and tools to know how to work out properly. ie: make sure my back is straight, bend my legs the right way, lift properly. Matt, Kudos to you for being the best Trainer ever! Thanks, sincerely for your passion, motivation and energy!!!!!!”

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"...I am a better Mom for it."

Jen S., 35 years young

“I've been a member of Bent on Better, and working with Matt since February 2017. I am a mom to a very active 2 year old, and was feeling zapped of energy, and struggling to lose the baby weight. I finally decided it was time to step it up, and I began my search for a trainer or classes. I was an athlete all my life, so I knew the gym wasn't going to work for me...I needed a team environment. When I first met with Matt and joined, I never thought I would have made it this far, or have been committed for this long, but here I am, 25lbs lighter and no plans of stopping anytime soon. Matt's energy, and drive is contagious, and the members of BoB not only feel like teammates, but are like family. They make me want to come back every time, and they are a huge part of the success I've achieved on my journey to be healthier. I went into this looking to lose some weight, not realizing then all of the incredible things I would be gaining as as well. I am the happiest and healthiest I've been in a long time since starting this journey, and most importantly, I am a better Mom for it.”

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"...everyone's very supportive, positive vibes."

Monica, 33 years young

“ I started at Bent on Better in January of 2017. Before I started at Bent on Better, I was at my heaviest point; I was a year-and-a-half post baby. The first thing I feel when I walk into Bent On Better is just a positive environment, I feel like I’m ready to like take on the day because I know I'm going to get like a really great workout in, and I'm going to sweat I'm gonna stink, I'm going to love it. But what I like best about Bent On Better is the support that we have for Matt and the other members; everyone's very supportive, positive vibes. Matt’s super encouraging and he, he always pushes you to your, your max. My experience is definitely a very positive successful one because I feel so much better about myself. I am down pounds and I gained muscle mass so all around I feel great.”

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"There are many gym options in the area but this is the perfect fit for me!"

Jenn M., 38 years young

“I've been working with Matt for about 9 months at Bent On Better. I don't think I could ever write a review that could explain how life changing this has been for me. Matt truly cares about his clients and cultivates a family atmosphere. I love how encouraging he, and our entire group, are towards each other. Matt keeps us motivated and he can only be compared to the energizer bunny! He knows how to break the mental sweat and helps us gain confidence in ourselves. I love going to class and make it a priority in my life. I can't believe the difference in my body in less than a year. He set up a program for both fitness and nutrition and I'm now down several pounds and feel healthier and stronger than I have in years. As a mom of three young boys I love that I can now run around with them and have the energy to keep up. There are many gym options in the area but this is the perfect fit for me!”

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"...it's one of the best decisions I made."

Stephanie, 45 years young

“I joined Bent On Better in March. I thought maybe I'll last a month tops. Here it's been 6 months and it's one of the best decisions I made. I've seen positive changes in my body and the way I feel. I'm doing push ups and sit ups that I never before thought I could do. Now I even enjoy doing side planks. When I first started, I was going 2-3 days a week now I do my best to go 5 days a week. Matt is an extremely knowledgeable trainer who also happens to be caring and very encouraging. He always gives you the credit you deserve. Not only is Matt supportive but all the others that I have been taking class with are as well. We are like a well oiled family. It's that hour a day that I look forward to.”

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"The program changed my life for the better and I wouldn't be here without Matt and his amazing program!!"

Jenn V., 29 years young

“Have ever been in a place in your life where your physical body and your mind do not agree? I have. I have been on a constant yo-yo with my weight since I can remember. I’ve tried everything from Weight Watchers to extreme workouts at the gym, it all ended the same way, the weight came back. When my fiancé showed me the first ever Bent On Better online weight loss challenge I was hesitant because I didn’t want to achieve something to fall back down and gain the weight again, as I had in the past. Matt April and his program helped jot reprogram my thinking. I was able to enjoy foods that were not only great tasting, but, were in fact great for me. He was there to teach, to inspire, and thankfully hold us accountable. Learning about the carbs, fats, and proteins that our bodies need to stay healthy. I lost a total of 25 pounds when the challenge was completed and it made me want more. The program changed my life for the better and I wouldn’t be here without Matt and his amazing program!!”

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"He also makes sure that the exercises you are doing are done correctly so you don't hurt yourself..."

Rob, 30 years young

“I have been at Bent On Better (BOB) for a year and I have nothing but great things to say about it. Within the past year I have seen growth not only in strength and weight loss but confidence and attitude as well. The owner/trainer Matt is beyond supportive and encouraging and really has a deep knowledge of what he does. If something you are doing doesn't feel right or something is hurting you, he encourages you to let him know right away and will have you do something else so it doesn't cause any issues and lead to a problem long term. He also makes sure that the exercises you are doing are done correctly so you don't hurt yourself and are maximizing the time spent there. To say that he cares for your well being would be an understatement. Matt is always very upbeat and energetic which helps get me through the workout if I come in tired or sluggish from the day. Another one of the great things about BOB is that it is a mixture of working out in a group and on your own and with either one you are not pressured to do or move up to a weight that you are not comfortable with or not ready for. The facility is excellent and did I mention that all of the people that workout there are the best and are friendly as can be. After a long day at work, I do not dread going like I have with working out in the past because when I go I know the people that are there are great to be around and I know Matt will be supportive and encouraging and wants us to succeed and grow just as much as we do. It truly does feel like a family atmosphere. Once you talk to Matt whether it be on the phone or in person, I'm confident that you will immediately get a sense of comfortability as I did and it truly is genuine. I can't wait to continue growing with BOB mentally and physically over the coming years. I highly suggest giving Bent on Better a try, you won't regret it.”

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"I have not felt this good /healthy since before I had kids! Thank you, Matt!"

Linda, 46 years young

“Before working with Matt, I had been struggling with my weight since I had my 4th child in 2005. I tried Weight Watchers with some success but it would not last. I belonged to a gym and played tennis but could never be where I wanted. I have always been a very healthy eater and consistent exerciser and so I could not figure out where I was going wrong. Then I met Matt and everything changed! Matt showed me the whole picture of healthy lifestyle— eating for my goals, exercising, and mental strength. Working out with Matt is not easy but it is always (okay -I mean USUALLY) fun. There are no gimmicks with Bent On Better. You get what you put in to it. Matt is an amazing, positive motivator and offers unparalleled personal attention. He is 100% dedicated to his clients’ success and it shows in the results. I have not felt this good /healthy since before I had kids! Thank you, Matt!”

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"He makes me feel like the athlete that I used to be, and has me lifting weights and running intervals that I have never even attempted before he came along."

Theresa, 35 years young

“I started working with Matt when I joined a weight loss challenge at my gym, after my coach had quit and Matt decided to step up and take our team. Right off the bat his enthusiasm about health and fitness was both encouraging and contagious. I decided to work with Matt after the challenge was over because he pushes me to work my absolute hardest during the workouts, and NEVER accepts excuses for anything less. He makes me feel like the athlete that I used to be, and has me lifting weights and running intervals that I have never even attempted before he came along. He helped me train for a half marathon and is now training me for a Spartan race. I trust his knowledge and love his enthusiasm. I am looking forward to continuing to work with him as I move forward with my fitness journey.”

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"I have had less back pain (even when doing heavy yard work), and virtually no shoulder pain. I am able to lift more weight then ever before, and I hope to get even stronger."

Jennifer, 45 years young

“I found Matt and Bent On Better as I was completing physical therapy for a shoulder injury. Throughout my PT program it was overwhelmingly apparent to me that I was lacking strength, particularly in my upper body and core. I contacted Matt because I wanted to continue to increase strength and build muscle. I also needed Matt’s help in maintaining a consistent weight training program. I am a busy working mom so my gym workouts were often rushed and inconsistent. I needed to make a change. From the first day that I met Matt, he instantly gained my trust. We discussed my goals, my injury, and a program that would work right for me. Since then I have been working out consistently, following his customized training plan. I have had less back pain (even when doing heavy yard work), and virtually no shoulder pain. I am able to lift more weight then ever before, and I hope to get even stronger.

One thing that stands out to me most is Matt’s passion and enthusiasm. He has motivated me to work harder and to push myself further then I would have ever done on my own. Of equal importance is Matt’s philosophy on healthy eating. As a dietitian, I am leery of trainers who push supplements, fake food, unrealistic food portions, and inaccurate nutrition advice. Matt and I meshed in terms of our approach to a healthy diet and lifestyle. We both love real food!! I would recommend Matt to anyone looking to get in shape, lose weight, build muscle, and achieve their goals. Thank you Matt for making me better!! You are the best!!”

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"After having a baby, I could not get the weight off...I am so glad I decided to join the Bent On Better team"

Starley, 28 years young

“After having a baby, I could not get the weight off. I tried work out DVD’s and the 21 day fix from BeachBody and nothing was working. Then I heard about Bent On Better with Matt and I decided to give it a try, so I joined The 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge. The daily motivational emails were by far my favorite because I could always count on them and it was a small reminder to stay focused on what I wanted to accomplish. Matt was so supportive and offered ideas to help me keep my budget and he offered meal ideas. Personally, a huge part of my success [in addition to the 11 pounds lost] was the weekly accountability checks, including a weigh-in, knowing that helped me make healthier choices throughout my week. I am so glad I decided to join the Bent On Better team and I am on my way to a better and healthier me. If you are considering it, do it! Matt will be your best advocate and he will do all he can to help you reach your goals!”

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"...it was easy to follow, and worked exceptionally well with my lifestyle."

Derek, 28 years young

“I have always been athletic and into lifting weights. I never had to worry about the nutrition side of things because I was so active. But as life got more busy with becoming a father, I began to gain weight due to unhealthy eating habits. Bent On Better hooked me up with an amazing nutrition prep plan, and within 12 weeks I dropped 20 pounds, it was easy to follow, and worked exceptionally well with my lifestyle. 👍🏻🇺🇸💪🏻”

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"thanks to The 8 Week Challenge, I know have a gym membership that I actively use!"

Kellie, 27 years young

“Matt and Bent On Better have taken me from the couch to the gym! Prior to working with Matt, I had tried healthy eating/meal planning which seemed to require hours scrolling Pinterest for “healthy meals” plans that would ultimately lead me to a delicious looking recipe for chocolate cake! Previously I had the “Gyms aren’t for me and if I’m running you should call the cops because the Zombie apocalypse must have started” mentality when it came to fitness.

The Bent On Better 8 week challenged laid out a simple, inexpensive, and time friendly meal plan that was organized and easy to follow. I am a teacher and need meals that are easy to prep and pack for a week at a time. This plan had that. I also enjoyed the flexibility. Matt gave guidelines but allowed for choice too! In regards to fitness, thanks to The 8 Week Challenge, I know have a gym membership that I actively use! I attend weekly high intensity interval classes and I’m loving it!

I’ve noticed changes in my overall strength, my food "cravings", and noticeable difference in the shape of my body! My husband has noticed too which is huge perk!!"

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"...your guidance is the only thing that has been able to help me in the many years of me trying to lose weight..."

Adrianne, 27 years young

“I began maturing at a young age, way before many others my age and with the physical maturities came an increased appetite. Now as an adult, without knowing enough about how to eat right (more than just what to eat), I have kept the same eating habits and I’ve been overweight for years. I just feel like no matter what I tried over the years, nothing ever worked. Since working with Matt and Bent On Better, I learned about changing the foods I eat for my lifestyle and I’ve learned that some foods just shouldn’t be consumed if I want to see results. This information changed everything. I have gained more muscle and have lost more fat in a short period of time rather than the years I spent starving myself on meal replacement bars and frozen diet meals. Bent On Better has just completely changed my outlook on food and I’ve never been happier.

I’ve come to accept the fact that I am built bigger than the average girl and that I should not be obsessed with the number on my clothing. Honestly, Matt, your guidance is the only thing that has been able to help me in the many years of me trying to lose weight and be happier with myself. Now I am and I appreciate you so much.”

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"I have learned to prep my meals ahead of time, fit workouts into my daily routine, and make healthier choices."

Shannon, 26 years young

“Working with Matt from Bent On Better changed my life in the best way possible. He walked me through each step of meal prep and carb cycling in the most professional way possible. Whenever I had a question, he answered me so quickly and efficiently.

I have tried other weight loss programs such as Advocare and Nutrisystem. I did the challenge Advocare offers but did not get the results I wanted. I never felt full while doing the Advocare challenge which caused me to cheat and make poor choices. However, when I worked with Matt, I found it so easy to meal prep. I would pack breakfast, lunch, and snacks with me to work. The best part was, I didn’t have to worry about making dinner when I got home. The biggest benefit I found from The 8 Week Challenge Weight Loss Challenge Matt coached me through was I felt full all the time! Another perk of completing this challenge is the workout program he provides. He offers an at-home workout and a gym workout. I do not currently belong to a gym so I work out at home and saw progress in my back and legs. Since doing the challenges, I have learned to prep my meals ahead of time, fit workouts into my daily routine, and make healthier choices.

I highly recommend this program with the amazing results I’ve had. When I worked personally with Matt, I lost 13 lbs in 3 months. When I completed the second challenge, I lost 7 lbs in 2 months. I have never gotten better results than with the constant motivation and simplicity of his program.”

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"...he was right there with us to offer support and feedback with our daily struggles and to congratulate us on our daily victories"

Josh, 27 years young

“Matt April with Bent On Better is the real deal when it comes to personal training and overall wellness coaching! I had the pleasure of taking part in Bent On Better’s first ever Weight Loss Challenge, which resulted in over 20 lbs lost in 8 weeks (9.8% of my body weight!). Matt’s level of involvement and motivation was phenomenal. Matt didn’t just give us some tips and send us on our way, he was right there with us to offer support and feedback with our daily struggles and to congratulate us on our daily victories. I couldn’t have been any happier with my results or experience working with Matt!”

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"I now make the better choices without even realizing it."

Chris, 26 years young

“For the past few years I have struggled to maintain a so called “perfect weight” and even though I’m active, I never could keep myself at a comfortable weight. For the past two months of working with Bent On Better, it feels like I have finally made it to my comfortable weight and size. Eating right along with managing calories, meal prepping, and exercise was the knowledge I was missing from all those years. Matt guided me there the whole way and always was there to answer my many questions. Even though The 8 Week Challenge is over, my journey still continues. I now make the better choices without even realizing it and consistently have vegetables with almost every meal. Thanks for everything, Matt!”

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"Bent On Better made me strong, made me confident, and made me feel amazing in my own skin!"

Sam, 26 years young

“Before working with Matt and Bent On Better, I started getting bored in the gym and was feeling like I was repeating the same workouts and not seeing too much of a difference in my body. I approached Matt, telling him that I wanted to rock my wedding dress and love how I look. I wanted to get stronger, I wanted more muscle definition in my arms, and I also wanted to tighten up my stomach and lose a little fat around my hips. Well, I did it! With an awesome workout plan, actually 3 separate ones, and a clean eating guide, all from Matt, I did it! I love feeling strong. I love knowing how to fuel my body properly to get the most out of my workout. With all of that said, a huge THANK YOU is owed to Matt & Bent On Better.

Funny story really quick… I was doing single arm dumbbell rows one day, using a 70 lb dumbbell, and was in between sets. I walked over to the weight to pick it up off the ground and put it on the bench for my next set and a guy asked me if I needed help putting the weight back (I guess he didn’t see me working out with it). I, politely (obviously), said “no, thank you I’m using it” and then started doing my rows. When I’m telling you this guy’s mouth dropped to the ground, I’m not kidding, it was on the floor. THAT is what Bent On Better did for me. Bent On Better made me strong, made me confident, and made me feel amazing in my own skin!”

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"...he is there for you every step of the way."

Amber, 26 years young

“Before working with Matt, dieting seemed daunting, tiring and just too hard. Matt helped me to see just how easy it was to get my health back under control and start a new, healthy living lifestyle. He lays it out so you can truly understand all the concepts and he is there for you every step of the way. Never have I worked with someone who, not only keeps you accountable, but who really supports and mentors you. I was able to lose almost 20 pounds in 8 weeks working with Matt and will continue to use all of Matt’s workouts and tips for the rest of my life! Having two kids and being a full time working mom, time is always an issue, but Matt really helped me work it in with great workouts and after just a few weeks I really felt a difference, in that I just felt stronger and could do more! Thanks Matt!”

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"I’m now more motivated to accomplish goals in other areas of my life."

Zach, 27 years young

“Before Bent On Better, I definitely placed more emphasis on exercise than nutrition, and that obviously wasn’t the smartest. But after working with the online coaching program from Bent On Better, I have healthier eating habits, and make a much more concerted effort on buying healthier groceries and cutting out junk food. I think the only thing that may have stopped me from working with Bent On Better was myself, thinking I didn’t need it. But for me at least, I know if I’m held accountable by someone else, or if I don’t want to let someone down, I’m much more motivated, and I realized I needed that to motivate myself. I really enjoyed how easy Matt made it to learn different workouts I wasn’t familiar with. Matt was always willing to demonstrate workouts and watch me perform them so I knew I was doing them correctly. After working with Matt for three months, I’m now more motivated to accomplish goals in other areas of my life. I’m more focused and organized. And I just feel healthier and better. Matt has created a workout and meal plan that works for me and my goals. It’s realistic, it’s attainable, and I can already feel the differences. I’m less bloated and have less phlegm after I eat. My tendonitis is non-existent. And my back, which used to keep me up more nights than not due to pain, is feeling stronger than ever (seriously, get a foam roller). Matt is always ready and willing to answer questions and give me meal tips. I look forward to working out, to getting stronger, and to figuring out how to eat more healthy, wholesome foods. Matt got me there. I can’t ask for anything more. Matt you were absolutely fantastic as a trainer and motivator for me.”

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"Matt’s practice of working 'alongside' me instead of working 'on' me has proven to work very effectively. "

Brian, 22 years young

“The epitome of my college philosophy floated on the mindset, “pizza now and liposuction later”. Four years later, without a daily exercise regimen and consuming at least 1 pizza pie per weekend, left me shy of 190lbs. I’m not sure why I would let myself gain so much weight, since I was an exercise science major. Personally, I hesitated about personal training; I was always intimidated by the idea of working out in front of the hot and outrageously fit trainer I called self-esteem crushers. Fortunately, I stumbled across Bent On Better. Not only is Matt a stud personal trainer, he is a superstar motivational coach and one of the most authentic guys I have met. Matt’s practice of working “alongside” me instead of working “on” me has proven to work very effectively. About seven months later, I weigh in at 158lbs and I cannot express how grateful I am to better myself with Matt.”

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"...it has never been easier to keep going!"

Spencer, 24 years young

“Working with Matt April and Bent On Better has been nothing short of a pleasure. Before signing up, I had a hard time motivating myself to exercise, and when I did, it was even more difficult to stick to any sort of routine. But with Matt’s continuous motivation, guidance, and exercise program that worked with my revolving schedule, it has never been easier to keep going! He has given me the best tools for tracking what is going into my body, provided me with the knowledge of how to meal prep and cook to help enhance my results, and he has given me tips on how to substitute old and unhealthy snacks (and treats) with healthier options, as to not jeopardize my progress. I would recommend Matt and the Bent On Better program to anyone who is looking for a change and anyone who wants to look and feel healthier!"

UPDATE: "Since working with Bent On Better, I've lost over 20lbs and am in better shape than I was in high school, when I was doing doing sports. Matt has helped me every step of the way from answer questions, to helping with my diet, teaching and adjusting exercises, and showing me tools/resources with additional information. I could not ask for a better trainer and friend!”

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"Whether you are beginning an exercise program, have been away and want to get back, or want to take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend Matt."

Dr. William H. Sawyer, 73 years young

“Matt was a trainer at the new gym in the Westtown Shopping Center when I met him in January 2016. I have been a bicyclist most of my life, but since I was not exercising as actively during the winter, at my doctor’s recommendation, I had just returned to working my upper body after a 15 year hiatus. I asked Matt to review my exercise program and my form. That was the beginning of a remarkable experience. Matt is extremely knowledgeable, with a wonderful ability to offer suggestions for improvement in an easy to understand, friendly and encouraging way. I work out for an hour 6 days a week, two of those sessions are spent with Matt. The man is a miracle worker. I am 73 years old and have been reasonably active all my life but thanks to him I am in much better shape than I have been for a very long time. Through his coaching, encouragement and emphasis on nutrition my strength and endurance have significantly increased. I am able to comfortably ride aggressively with experienced riders half my age. The impact his training has had on my upper body is even more amazing. In the 7 months we have worked together my lifting ability has doubled, my balance is better than it was when I was 30 and my weight is down to where it should be. What is more? I have stronger shoulders now and my friends say my shirts look good on me.

Matt’s knowledge of exercise and nutrition and how they work together to maximize the impact of your training program sets him apart. His ability to communicate is just as important. He never talks down to beginners, yet he is equally at home with experienced athletes. He is a good listener and a great teacher. Whether you are beginning an exercise program, have been away and want to get back, or want to take your skills to the next level, I highly recommend Matt.”

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