What’s The Difference In The Classes?

At Bent On Better, we have three different class session options:

Strength training: Think of it as an investment, it takes time to grow but when it does the return is amazing! More muscle, stronger bones, fast metabolism, etc.

- More personalized approach, heavier, controlled lifting. 
- Working on range of motion, movement patterns, mobility, etc.

Strength camp: 
This is the happy medium between strength training and burn classes.  The best of both muscle and cardio.

- Using more weights than a burn class, but less than a strength training session
- Meant to challenge you in muscular capacity and cardio.

Burn classes: Burn more calories, endorphins released, improved work capacity, etc.

- Interval training, lots of body weight movements, very small (if any) weights used.
- Cardio based intervals.
- Higher intensity (but based on the individual)

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