Three Simple Ways To Eat Better

The Simple Ways to Eat Better - Bent On Better BentOnBetter - Matt April - Healthy meals, grocery shopping, health

Three Simple Ways To Eat Better

The Simple Ways to Eat Better - Bent On Better BentOnBetter - Matt April - Healthy meals, grocery shopping, health

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Today’s Wellness Wednesday tip is to help you live a healthier lifestyle

Attention coupon shoppers, deal hunters, and “healthy” food buyers!

So you’re a bargin shopper, huh?  You scour the aisles for the best deals, your clip and save those coupons and you get THE BEST deals on your foods.  

Good!  You worked hard for your money, you shouldn’t have to spend $4.49 for that jar of pickles when you could be spending $2.49 on it with a coupon!

Power to you!

Here’s the thing, though…If you’re trying to live an overall healthier lifestyle, you should probably spend less money all together within the interior parts of the grocery store.  Here are my three tips for living a healthier lifestyle, improving your eating habits, and helping you to get ready for those summer months!

1. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

The grocery store is built to sell you stuff of all sorts of shapes, forms, colors, sizes, etc.  To be completely honest, whoever designed the grocery store was a genius.  You know what, while we’re on the topic of genius, those marketers and designers behind all of the clever wording and branding on the packaging, well done to them!  You all had me fooled for years, and even throw me a decent curve ball sometimes…but I’ve wised up to your clever enticing verbiage and attractive packaging.  I have educated myself to know you’re really not “all natural” or “real.” 

Stay out of the aisles of the grocery stores as much as you can, or you may end up being fooled like I was for so many years.

2. Read the ingredient labels

All of the IIFYMers out there (I.I.F.Y.M. = If It Fits Your Macros, read more about it here) are getting riled up, I’m sure of it.  Calm down, don’t get your trousers in too much of a bundle!  I know how important macronutrients are, and I follow IIFYM…just by The 90-10 Rule (read more about my 90-10 Rule here).  

Read those labels!

A few rules of thumb:

a. If there is an excessive amount of ingredients, you are probably better off without the item.

b. If you don’t recognize the ingredient, your body won’t either.

c. If you can’t figure out where the ingredient comes form originally, you should probably pass on it as well.

3. Eliminate processed carbohydrates

Short, simple, and to the point.  I’m not saying you need to be a clean eating, perfect little person.  I’m not, why would I tell you to be one?  Like I said before, just stop by my post about The 90-10 Rule of Dieting.  By the way, processed carbohydrates are typically used quickly within our bodies.   But unless you are a triathlon athlete who burns hundreds on thousands of calories training each day, most of us don’t need the excess energy calories.  So what do our bodies do with excess energy (empty calories)?  Your body stores it as fat for energy, later…thanks body.  I will definitely need those muffin tops hanging off my jeans later this month when I get stranded in the Sahara Desert for weeks.  

(insert squinty glare emoji here. 😐 )

What is your favorite item to buy in the grocery store?

Comment below, I’m curious to see what is in your pantries and refrigerators.

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2 thoughts on “Three Simple Ways To Eat Better”

  1. Matt, have you read any articles on the health benefits of using organic coconut oil? It’s many properties can help in concerns from external to internal issues. Health & beauty are intertwined, and coconut oil can help & heal in both of these areas!

    1. Yes, Aunt Kelly! Lynn and I use our organic, cold pressed unrefined coconut oil. Not only does it have many health benefits, but it also tastes SO good with many different foods (specifically eggs and vegetables!).

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