Valentine’s Day Healthy Tip & Motivation

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Valentine’s Day Healthy Tip & Motivation


Everywhere you go, all of the commercials you see, all of the ads online are all in favor of Valentine’s Day (and candy).  Many of us are at a point in our lives where there is no question of who is your #1 Valentine…we have spouses, significant others, children, soon-to-come children, pets, family, etc.

But do you know who the one person is that rarely makes the give some love to this person list?   YOU.

We’re always so caught up with buying gifts for someone, for cooking a meal for someone, for planning an event for someone…for doing something for someone other than the ONE, most important person in YOUR life…YOU.  Without loving yourself, you can’t love others.

This month, take the time to love yourself and your body.  Let’s make a healthier choice if you decide to reach for a Valentine’s day treat. Try to avoid the candies with lots of ingredients, hydrogenated vegetable oils, and the processed/baked goods.

My go-to chocolate craving crusher is a piece or two (or 3…) of 72% or higher dark chocolate.

My other go-to for chocolate cravings is unsweetened almond milk, unflavored whey protein, Stevia, half of a frozen banana, and cocoa powder blended together. YUM!

bent on better gym west chester pa

Happy Valentine’s Day! 


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