Vinyasa Yoga and Holistic Health with Colleen Boland

Vinyasa Yoga and Holistic Health with Colleen Boland

Vinyasa Yoga and Holistic Health

with Colleen Boland
a Bent On Better session

Vinyasa Yoga and Holistic Health with Colleen Boland - Bent On Better - Yoga

“Any movement is better than no movement.”
-yogis (Colleen Boland)

In this week’s session of the Bent On Better podcast, where better means becoming the best you in health, fitness, and overall wellness, my guest is Colleen Boland of In this episode we discuss Vinyasa yoga and holistic health.

Colleen is a holistic health coach and Vinyasa yoga medicine instructor with a passion for just about everything! At the time of this recorded session (August 2015), Colleen is an instructor at MOXIE Yoga in San Francisco where she helps her students work out a sweat while improving they mind body connection with some Vinyasa Power Yoga.

From yoga and fitness to food and photography Colleen documents her own journey through the wellness world and the discovery of her optimal self all at LivingLeen.  If you’ve even had an interest in yoga, holistic health, or just living lean, be sure to check out Colleen at Living LEEN, where through her own experiences, you can learn something new.

Colleen is truly Bent On Better.

Some take-away points we discuss in this episode:

1.  Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement,” and Vinyasa yoga is a series of poses that will move you through the power of inhaling and exhaling. The movements of this form of yoga are smoothly flowing and almost dance-like, which is why sometimes it’s referred to as Flow yoga or just Flow.

2. Power Vinyasa Yoga:

Power Vinyasa Yoga is a more energetic form of yoga where participants fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. This type of yoga is typically taught in a heated studio which makes it a vigorous and revitalizing form of physical fitness.

3.  Beginner Vinyasa poses:

Child’s pose, downward facing dog

4. General health benefits of Vinyasa Yoga*:

-helps reduce blood pressure

-helps reduce back pain

-helps reduce stress

-helps reduce anxiety

*these statements are not meant as medical help.  Seek professional advice if you suffer from any of the aforementioned.

Resources mentioned on the show: | Manduka Yoga Mat | Jade Yoga Mat


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Huge thanks again to Colleen for joining me this week for another great session. I’m excited for the next one. But until next time, remember, even though you may be content with your current situation, there is always room to be better.  Now it’s time to become the best you.

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