Healthy Tips to Help You Survive The Weekends

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Healthy Tips to Help You Survive The Weekends

You’ve spent all week bettering yourself and it’s time for the weekend!  Wahoo!  Time to go crazy, stay up late, and eat what you want, right?  Think again.  Saturday and Sunday are just as important for your fitness schedule as workout days are.  When you aren’t sweating in the gym, what should you do to continue maximizing all your personal Bent On Better journeys?  Here are 3 healthy lifestyle tips to have the best weekend possible and keep your body primed for the week ahead.



Any extra time you have throughout this weekend, plan some of it towards recovery.  Foam rolling, stretching, hydration, and adequate nights of sleep are the essential keys to recovering your greatest both throughout the week AND after the week.  



A lot of times we see the weekend as a time to let loose in our diets and treat ourselves to make up for eating super healthy and in moderation during the week.  The weekend is where we have to MAKE sure we exercise our self-control and remember to balance our calories adequately in ways that don’t hinder our progress towards our goals but BOOST them.  If you feel like something decadent, try recipes that refresh your taste buds without the cheat!



Throughout the week we face so many different life dimensions at one time.  Our jobs, kids, finances, and appointments all weigh on us and our schedules Monday through Friday.  Try and use these weekend days to separate yourself and your family from the everyday routines.  Have a family outing, enjoy a group movie or game night, find something fun to relax you.  Relieving ourselves from the monotony of the weekday grind aids in not only mental and emotional reset and balance, but also our bodies ability to utilize all the hard work we’ve put into it all week long.


While these healthy lifestyle tips are important to remember, it is even more important to remember that your body, mind, and spirit are equally important and work together to carry us through life.  Nourishing ourselves inside and out, top to bottom is essential for your fitness journey to succeed.  Enjoy your weekend and all that it has to offer, but don’t forget your personal wellness journey along the way!


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By: Alysha Womack, Bent On Better Personal Trainer


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