Indulging In Moderation with Lynn April

Indulging In Moderation with Lynn April of Fresh April Flours- Bent On Better podcast -Matt April

Indulging In Moderation

with Lynn April of Fresh April Flours 
a Bent On Better session

Indulging in Moderation - Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Cauliflower Crust by Fresh April Flours - Bent On Better
Photo by NAYR Photography

“Team work makes the dream work.”
-The Aprils (and other people, I’m sure)

In this week’s session of the Bent On Better podcast, where better means becoming the best you in health, fitness, and overall wellness, my guest is my wonderful wife, Lynn April of Fresh April Flours. Lynn and I chat about enjoying life and indulging in moderation. 

Lynn is a scientist by day, a baker/blogger by night, and published author & photographer of The Chow Down.  She is the personality and blogger behind the ever growing Fresh April Flours blog.  Within her blog you will find a plethora of delicious and tasty desserts and treats.  However, recently Lynn has been working on improving and expanding her blog content with healthy alternatives as well as (my favorite) homemade nut butters and some light and refreshing meal ideas. The best part is that she plans to add more in the future!

Lynn is consistently creating, developing, writing, trying, capturing, and posting exciting and appetizing recipes on her blog to help others improve their baking skills, level up their entertaining contributions, and just helping us all live a little better while indulging in moderation.

Lynn is truly Bent On Better.

Some take-away points we discuss in this episode:

1. Working together as a team helps to keep our household, blogs, lives, etc. all in line.  Neither of us expect the other to do something, we do not have designated roles in our relationship.  We share responsibilities, and we double team tasks to get them done effectively and efficiently.

2. When Lynn bakes and creates tasty treats or decadent dessert type items, we each will try a piece (or two), then share the rest with family, friends, and co-workers. We rarely ever keep all of the desserts and treats to ourselves…we share!  Sharing is caring.  😉

3.  Lynn wants to provide value to the people who trust her with their time and those who value her words and opinions.  She puts all of her efforts outside of her full-time job into this blog, and she does it all for her friends, family, supporters, and future supporters of the blog.

Resources mentioned on the show:

Indulging in Moderation - Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Cauliflower Crust by Fresh April Flours - Bent On Better
Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Mini Peppers by Fresh April Flours

Click here for her Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Mini Peppers recipe (or click the photo)

Indulging in Moderation - Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Cauliflower Crust by Fresh April Flours - Bent On Better
Cheesy Vegetable Quiche with Cauliflower Crust by Fresh April Flours

Click here (or the picture) for the recipe!

What Is Gluten with Amy Chatwin - Bent On Better Episode 017 - Matt April - Gluten Foods, foodie, food blogger, gluten-free
Photo by Fresh April Flours

Click here to listen to episode 017: What is Gluten? (or click the picture)

The Pact App

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>The 90-10 Rule of Dieting<

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Huge thanks to my wife, Lynn April of Fresh April Flours, for joining me this week for another great session. I’m excited for the next one. But until next time, remember, even though you may be content with your current situation, there is always room to be better.  Now it’s time to become the best you.

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