Meditation Without Keeping Quiet with Brittany Policastro

Meditation Without Keeping Quiet with Brittany Policastro of Living Beyond Asana - Brittany- Cover- Bent On Better

Meditation Without Keeping Quiet

In this post you will learn about:

– Brittany Policastro of Beyond Asana

– Osho Dynamic Meditation

– How to meditate in less than 5 minutes, without sitting still and keeping quiet

Meditation Without Keeping Quiet with Brittany Policastro of Living Beyond Asana - Brittany- Bent On Better
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Meditation Without Keeping Quiet
with Brittany Policastro of Beyond Asana

In this episode I chat with Brittany Policastro of Living Beyond Asana about dynamic meditation, shaking it up, and how you could possibly have the police called for doing yoga.

Brittany is a yoga teacher, facilitator, writer and founder/director of Beyond Asana with a rebellious and playful streak. She has been teaching a creative and soul-stirring combination of Vinyasa and alignment-based yoga for 11 years. Brittany believes she is here to wake you up, to empower you to be BIG, help you to be brave, and offer you the tools to heal and the skills to live every bit of your life ON PURPOSE. She says she is here to inspire your inner child that may be lying dormant, to empower you to dance like EVERYONE is watching, and be confident as hell in the process. She wants to remind you of your voice, your power, and the importance of love.

Show Notes

Throughout our chat, Brittany really started to grab my attention and peak my interest with this unique and quite interesting form of yoga called “Osho Dynamic Meditation.”  For the longest time I thought meditation was just when you would sit still in a silent room, cross your legs, shape your fingers into circles and “ooohmmm” to yourself.  I just couldn’t wrap my head around how someone in this day and age could even find a completely quite room, let alone sit in one for however long it would take to fully meditate.  But after Brittany explained the concept of dynamic meditation, and how people who work with her are assuming the permission to just “let it go” and “let go of all of the stuff and crap that is eating them” I really started to understand how one may be able to actually meditate.

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Brittany brings to light a point that many of us neglect; the constant repressed feelings and emotional baggage that we hold onto (even if unknowingly or unintentionally) that causes stress in our lives. This whole concept of letting go is very hard for us, especially in the western world, to do. Most people believe in the idea of mediation that requires you to sit and fester in your mind… you can see how that can be problematic, right?  We sit and try to find some peace of mind, but then all we think about are the bills that have to be paid, the kids, what that guy said at the gym, how the lady at the grocery store didn’t hold the door, etc.

Our minds just can’t let go. 

This is where Brittany and her dynamic style of meditation come into play! The goal is to tap in beyond the physical form and the mind by using movement and dance to tap into the energy. It’s all about “shaking up the energy.” Then you release the energy, leaving you in a  state in which you are then able to just sit in quiet and peace.

Brittany’s Yoga Kriya, The Ego Eradicator – 40 days straight for only 3 minutes a day. 

“Shake things up first” so you can then sit with the release and be in true peace.

“If you have 3 minutes a day to scroll through social media, you have 3 minutes to do a meditation or Kriya. With time in doing that every single day, in 40 days you will start to feel the change and shift on a deeper level.”


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You’re a healthy guy or gal, and I know you value your health (keep reading my blog).  But here’s the thing, I have to remind you that these tips are provided for your information and are not intended as medical advice. Please work with your health care professional to determine what’s right for you.  Just remember, eating right and yoga start with you.

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