Member Spotlight October 2017

Member Spotlight of the Month: Jenn M.

If I could only use one word to describe Jennifer Mangold, superstar mom of 3 awesome boys, it would be “Disnness” which is my made up word for Disney Princess.  (so clever, I know)
When I first met Jenn at my old job, she came to me with the overall goal of weight loss and wanted to join a gym for moms.  We got together for one hour a day, once a week, for 12 weeks, spending our hour together split between 30 minutes of me talking about everything health + fitness, and 30 minutes of me instructing some starter level exercises.  When our 12 weeks were through, Jenn decided to continue working with me at Bent On Better.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled to have her as part of our overgrowing, amazing, community.
Over the last 9 months, Jenn has gone above and beyond ANYTHING I would have ever thought was possible when we first met.  In the beginning the simplest of exercises would pose a challenge to her.  It was a struggle to lift much more than 20-30 pounds (which at the time, was still a great accomplishment!).   It wasn’t until one night when I egged her on to try something a bit heavier with her squats that she realized she was stronger than she thought!
Now, what used to be hard for her is easy.  Now, what she used to do for her actual WORKOUT is her WARM-UP.
Jenn went from meeting with me 1x/week to coming (if her 3 boys who are 5 and under allow her to leave the house) 3-5x/week!!
To see and hear more about Jenn’s story, join our gym for moms, and to be inspired yourself, click the link below:
Truly, I have never met a woman who was a better mom, wife, teacher, friend, sister, all things Disney lover, and all around awesome human being than Jenn.  Thank you for trusting me with your health and fitness.  You’re incredible! Keep up the awesome work, Jenn!!


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