Think BIG Then Take Baby Steps with Matt Arters

Think BIG Then Take Baby Steps with Matt Arters - Bent On Better podcast Matt April

Think BIG Then Take Baby Steps
with Matt Arters
a Bent On Better session

Think BIG Then Take Baby Steps with Matt Arters - Bent On Better podcast. Entrepreneurial inspiration for those looking to be inspired by small business owners. Life is all about taking action and moving forward. Even if it's only inch by inch, you're still moving forward.



“At a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

(page 20)

I have decided to do away with counting my episodes because the number isn’t the most important thing, the person and our topic(s) are the important things.  So, in this week’s episode of the Bent On Better podcast, where better means becoming the best you in health, fitness, and overall wellness, my guest is Matt Arters from the Real Guys Productions, a media company where the belief is that beautiful media can empower individuals and businesses to succeed no matter what service or product they provide. 

The natural entrepreneur at heart, Matt Arters is a 26 year old, private music instructor by day, and a media production company by night.  Matt recently founded and is now running his first media company called Real Guys Productions.  

Matt and his creative team, not too long ago, completed a fantastic YouTube video for my talented wife, Lynn (follow her on Instagram), and will surely work with the Aprils on many of our future projects.

I have known Matt for years, sharing many of our teenage life experiences and even early adult years extremely close (both in relation and geographically speaking!).  In this episode we discuss goal setting, why you should think BIG then take baby steps, how to get past an average mindset, and a little Gary Vaynerchuk love. 

Matt is truly Bent On Better.
what a great name. 😉

Some take-away points we discuss in this episode:

1. Don’t fake the funk. (something Gary Vaynerchuk says in one of his YouTube videos)

2. Think big, then take baby steps. The law of attraction, where thoughts become things.

3. Hard work, decision making, movement, and momentum. You must set goals that are scary, and once you have those goals, start taking baby steps to move toward achieving those big goals.  Matt says you should write a long list in order for you to accomplish your goal(s).  Once you have your list, start right away on accomplishing those pieces of your list.  Keep in mind that things do not have to be perfect along the way, you just have to do it.  So whatever you are working on, clean and simple will suffice! Perfection does not need to be the immediate outcome on the first try. 

4. Getting over the average mindset (which is something I call having a microwave mentality).

5. Just because you have written your goal down, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.  Every morning you wake up, you have to take actions toward you goal otherwise nothing will happen.

6. Find a mentor, plan your general path to your goal, execute (do one thing, within your budget, in your time frame, and do it). 

7. Write down your ideas and your goals.  Sort through the good ideas and pull out the great ones.  Those are the ones you should focus your time on.

 Matt’s final thoughts, anything worth doing is going to be hard, just take whatever it is in stride.

Resources mentioned on the show:

Matt’s Medium post: Think Big.  Then, Take Baby Steps.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
by Stephen R. Covey

Matt on Instagram |Real Guys Productions on Instagram | Matt on Facebook

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Huge thanks to my guest, Matt Arters, for joining me this week for another great episode. I’m excited for the next one. But until next time, remember, even though you may be content with your current situation, there is always room to be better.  Now it’s time to become the best you.


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