Member Spotlight March 2017

March 2017:
Member Spotlight of the Month: Monica💪
Monica’s journey in the last month and a half is way more than meets the eye. When I first spoke with Monica about starting at Bent On Better, she only knew about Beverly and her success with strength training. At that time, Monica didn’t know what she was capable of, she only knew what she couldn’t do/what was a challenge for her and wanted to loose weight. Despite having multiple back surgeries, being a busy mom, and having no strength training experience in her adult life, Monica never finds excuses to not work hard. Even when she needs to slow down, or take a moment to regroup, she always tries her hardest (even if it’s accompanied by some profanity under her breath toward her coach 😉). Now, Monica is stronger than she has been in years, she is down in pounds, body fat, and inches, AND has gained muscle in the process. You’re amazing, Monica!! Keep it up!

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